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If you are interested in having the most popular nail driving entertainment service in the world appear at your event or festival, you’ve come to the right place!

We offer a single and all-inclusive entertainment service. When we come to your event, we will setup our Hammerschlagen Stumps and solicit your attendees to participate. As the fun commences, we will oversee each competition and provide Hammer-Schlagen® branded promotional materials like the ever popular Drinking Glove™! When your event concludes, we tear-down and clean-up before heading out. And just in case, we carry several million dollars of general liability insurance and can name your carriers as additionally insured at no additional charge (if they require)[1]. It is no wonder why we are a preferred provider of amusement nation-wide!

Current Rates:
(4-hour minimum, taxes included)
First Stump: $150/hr
Each Additional Stump: $75/hr

Many of our clients ask us to charge their attendees to participate in our Hammer-Schlagen® brand of entertainment. In the event you wish to do the same, we will deliver these participation fees to you, or another entity of your choosing, about 2-weeks following the conclusion of your event. (Other financial arrangements can be made depending on the specific circumstances of your event.)

We provide amusement and entertainment to millions of people at hundreds of events across the United States, and yours could be next. If you want the public talking about how they saw our famous Hammer-Schlagen® Stumps at your venue, contact us today!

Aside from the fact that it is unlawful to counterfeit our trademarks, it is our understanding that people get seriously injured when they counterfeit of our Hammerschlagen StumpSince the inception of our brand, none of our patrons have ever experienced any serious insurable injury.