Apply For Licensure

No offer of licensure or permission to use any element of the Hammer-Schlagen® brand is made by your making of this application. If we accept your application, we may make an offer of licensure to you by delivering the actual terms of licensure in writing, which may or may not be similar and/or identical to those published. If you choose to apply for licensure, you will not be obligated to pay us any money or take any action unless you choose to accept the offer we make to you.

Please tell us who is applying for licensure, who will sign the license on behalf of the applicant, and what you intend to with our brand in the event we offer licensure to you.

In order to submit an application for a "Hammer-Schlagen® Trademark License" license, please fill out the following form and click on the "Submit Application" button. In the "Intended Use" section, please explain why you are seeking licensure along with any other prudent information.